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 About Inazoo

Have you looked around you lately? There is no room for Magic in the world anymore. Children don’t believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or fairies in the garden.
Little children’s books are filled with ugly illustrations and repetitive rhymes instead of stories of dragons and princesses and fairies and bunnies with wings. Their rooms are decorated in harsh colours and their lives are filled with violent computer games and transforming metal toys.
Little girls dress up to look like models instead of princesses and fairies.
Our homes are filled with paintings which mean nothing—splashes of colour without any form. Instead of statues with art and grace, we put bowls of wooden balls on our mantles and occasional tables and vases with bundles of sticks in the corner.
With Inazoo, I wanted to bring back the magic for little children and big kids. Let’s look at life through art, rather than going through life with no appreciation of Magic.
I started Inazoo when I was looking for pretty things for my friends' children and could find nothing that would feed their imagination, but rather ugly images which would have given me nightmares as a child.
I decided it was time to take up a brush again. I painted for my friends and designed nursery pictures for their children instead of buying something that would ‘do’ because I couldn’t find what I wanted. I had so many comments that I decided I should share some of my ideas with others and have my paintings made into prints so they were affordable for everyone.
Then I discovered fabric sculpture and Paverpol and the possibilities are so unbounded. Lack of imagination is the only limiter to this craft. Anyone can do it and make something to be proud of. 
I added some of my sculptures to my repertoire and set up this website. It may never make me a millionaire, but it gives me a chance to share something of myself with others.
My greatest satisfaction is derived from teaching others this wonderful craft and seeing the delight and sense of achievement they have when they complete something beautiful. No two sculptures are ever the same. What you make using the patterns in my E- book, for example,  will not look exactly the same as mine—and shouldn’t. They will have your own character and imagination as part of them. No two pieces are ever truly alike. That’s what makes it wonderful. Your work is something of yourself—totally individual and unique. It is a true gift from you to another when you give it away and is something which always fills you with a sense of achievement if you keep it for yourself and look at it in a special place in your home.
I hope this website feeds your imagination and allows you to believe in magic again.  
Sue Gaffy

Come into the exciting world of Paverpol sculptures with Inazoo.

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