Limited Edition Prints available now
Only 200 of each print available.  You will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.  These are prints of original acrylics by Sue Gaffy.   Prints are reproduced on High quality canvas and are available framed up or unframed.


 Do you have a favourite scene or an idea which you want to see on canvas?  Contact us to discuss your vision.  Our artists will give you a quote based on size and medium used.  Your original piece will be sent to you in a few weeks.  We do not copy commissioned work and yours will be the only one of it's kind.

Below are  examples of some of our prints available. For the full range look at the Prints for Purchase page.


Paintings from Nature


                     Allamanda                                                                             Forest Floor                                                    


Australian Bush Scenes



Cool Waters                                                 Bushfire                                                           Forest Light


Beach and Country



      Sunset over Moreton Bay                                                    The Old Shearing Shed


Bunny Hollow Nursery series

The Bunny Hollow series came into being when a friend had a baby shower and I couldn't find anything 'pretty' for her little girl.  These are just a couple in the series.  For the full range, see the Prints for Purchase page


                        Getting To Know You                                         Bonny Goes Shopping





This is a Preview of our exciting new Nursery Series


Sally Seahorse and Friends

Another five paintings of Sally's adventures will be available in the next few months


                                                Meeting with Friends