Sculptures in Fabic
These sculptures are made with Paverpol.  They are weatherproof and can be placed in your garden to brighten up a dull corner - or you can use them as a feature piece in the home.  Each piece is an original and is made to order by the artist.


Like what you see?  Want to try it yourself? Some of the pieces below are featured in our E-Book No 1 "Beautiful Art from Ingenuity and Old Junk" with complete instructions.  You can download it from this website, purchase a hard copy - or visit our Workshop page and book a workshop to learn this great craft.


Message from the Artist

Because each piece in these ranges is original, there may be some very slight variation in colour, style and size.  In the African, Silver Screen and Fantasy series, there may be some variation in fabric used - depending on availability.  I will endeavour to keep as close to the photographed figures as possible.  If you want a different colour to those shown, please let me know when you place your order.  Some pieces are in stock and can be shipped straight away but because each piece is individually made, please allow up to 21 days for delivery.

Kind Regards

Sue Gaffy

 Lounging Ladies Series

These statues are great for a little girl's room or as an interesting piece in your home.  They are weatherproof and can be sited in your garden or on your patio to add interest to a dull corner.

 For the full range, check out the Scupltures for Purchase page. 


Violet                                                          Buttercup                                           Peaches             


 African Series

Our African series range from 37cms to 1.18mtrs. They look stunning as a feature piece in your home  and compliment Australian gardens wonderfully.  For the full range look at our Sculptures for Purchase Page or why not consider commissioning us to make exactly what you want.



          Tula and Sami                                         Winnie                                                Nelson and Family

  Nomad Series

The Nomad series are set into Paving bricks and will stand up to a windy spot.  Their flowing robes add interest to the sculpture.  They make great doorstops and can be used to add interest at the front door or in the home or your garden.  


                  Abdul                                                Hasim                                            Assan


 Silver Screen Series

These girls were inspired by the great old actresses of the past. Do you have a favourite you would like us to make for you? 



         Za Za                                                                              Gypsy Rose


Fantasy Series

This is my favourite section.  Inspired by magic and fairytales and just plain fun.  Great for kids of any age.  Imagine your little ones hunting through the garden and finding a dragon or a fairy under a bush.



             Baby Puff                                       Puff's Daddy                                                Fairybelle      




The Princess and the Frog                  Willa the Witch                         Willow                           

                                                              and Goblin the Cat           the Woodland Witch            



Space Warrior

This is the Fun section

A bunch of crazy stuff and small pieces just for fun.



                         Fred the Frog                                    Little Angel                  Junior's Jeans Pot Plant Holder



                       Kathleen                                         Amelia